American River 50

I ran in the American river 50 mile race this weekend. I did not end up finishing but it was still an awesome experience. I stopped at 41 miles because I was only walking at that point and I was not going to make the cutoff to get my jacket. There was not any other reason to keep walking so I had Maggie pick me up at rattlesnake bar instead of the finish line. In order to explain what happened I have to go back two weeks. I raced a 4 mile race two weeks prior to the 50 mile run. My calves knotted up and were very tight after the short race. I took off all of the next two weeks from running. They stayed tight the entire time. I should probably have done some short runs to try and loosen them up and I should have had Maggie massage them, but I didn’t and because I just ignored the problem instead of doing something I entered the 50 mile run a little stiff. My first sign of trouble was only four miles in when I started feeling my calves tighten. By about 17 miles I was starting to run awkward because of it. By 22 miles I started to massage my legs at the rest stops to try and relax them. I crossed halfway at 4:30 and I finished the marathon in 4:40. I knew I was going to have trouble finishing when I left beal point and I had to walk about a half mile just to loosen up after stopping for food, water, bathroom and massage. Each rest stop required a longer walk to get started and each run was shorter before I had to walk again. About 31 or 32 miles in I was walking almost exclusively. At 35 I started to look at the clock to see my pace as I wanted to project my finishing time. It was a hard walk but one hour to get to 38 miles. Then another 1:15 to get to 41 miles. At that rate I was looking at about 4 hours to the finish with 9 to go and I was slowing, so no guarantee I could finish at that pace even with walking only. I was at 9.5 hours and I wanted to finish in 11 to qualify for other races. That was gone about mile 30. And I needed to finish in 13 hours to get a finishers jacket and an official finish for the race. Since I was staring at a 13.5 hour finish I opted to just call it a day. It was a perfect day for running. I really enjoyed the course. Particularly everything past 10-15 miles. (fish hatchery). I met some really nice people on course. Lots of time to chat with whoever is running with you at the time. I’m looking forward to running again next year and finishing the race!

Here is the beginning and the end of my day. Next time the end will have a finish banner.



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