Porsche EV

I started working on my Porsche again since I’ve been back from the honeymoon. All the parts arrived just before the summer when I got real busy, and now is the first time I’ve had a chance to start working on the upgrade. I’m starting out by installing the a/c system I purchased for the car. It will be so nice to have A/C in the summer time. I also figured out that I’m going to wrap the car instead of painting it. Wrapping it is much cheaper and I can do it myself. It would cost over $1000 to have the parts painted, and I can wrap it for under $200, and the quality should be superior to any cheap paint job I’d get.

It has been fun fabricating again. I’ve not used the welder in years, and I was definitely a little rusty. By the time I was done building the framework for the condenser, I finally got good at welding. Its too bad I did not start in the areas that wont be seen and work my way to the front. Were going to see some of the bad ones as well as some of the good ones. The rest of the construction should go better now that I got the hang of it again.

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