Lance and Ironman

I guess we will never know what Lance could do in an Ironman. That really sucks! They are bringing up the same old charges which have never been proven before, and won’t be proven again, and in the process they are stopping him from participating in the one thing he loves to do and many would love to watch him do. It just stinks of spite. Those guys (Drugs-in-sport enforcers) just want to take whatever they can from him (since they cant prove anything). Wish they would let him compete until found guilty. I don’t know if he did or did not do anything. Lots of circumstantial evidence he did, but they have not had any real evidence of anything and there is nothing new to this latest action. Just a compilation of all the previous circumstantial evidence. A bigger pile of circumstantial evidence does not make for a guilty verdict. There has to be some proof. Without it they are just wasting everyone’s time and money and they are taking away one of the most interesting sporting events in the past 10-20 years.

Here is an interesting article from Slowtwitch.

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