Space shuttle over my run

I went out for a run and unbeknownst to me NASA had planned to fly the space shuttle over Sacramento. I left the house on my run and when I was running north on South Land Park I noticed a couple of people out in their front yards with binoculars looking at the sky. I thought it was strange, but perhaps they were bird watchers. Then I got onto the RR tracks and ran a couple of miles where there is not contact with anyone really, and when I came out onto 35th ave, I came upon two groups of school kids riding bikes with their teaches and some chaperones. Ok, another strange sighting, but whatever. Then about a mile later I heard a loud plane, and when I stopped to look up, there it was…The space shuttle flying directly over head with a fighter escort. It was incredible, absolutely beautiful and extremely close. What a thrill. It was headed north toward downtown. After it passed I kept running and then came upon a group of people on the levee next to the Sacramento river. They were still hanging around, so I thought perhaps they knew it would come back. So I stopped to take a look back toward downtown, and what do you know, there it was again headed right for me again. This time I got out my phone and took some video. It is a little shaky because I was not looking at the viewfinder, but rather looking at the shuttle itself…sorry about that. What a sight. Not quite directly overhead like the first time, but still quite close, and twice in a day has got to be a lucky thing. I might have been the only one in Sacramento who did not know it was coming, but I did get to see it twice today.

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