Cal Football

We attended the last Cal home football game this past weekend. Cal won, but it was far from pretty. The quarterback still stinks. His only real completion was just lucky. He underthrew the ball and if the defender was any good he would have intercepted the ball. Instead he ran into our receiver for a pass interference call, but it was decliined after our receiver caught it anyway. This is typical of all his passes, the receiver has to make serious adjustments just to catch the ball. If the defense is any good the ball is intercepted or batted down, or the receiver is kept from making the adjustment and the ball hits the ground. Coach Tedford is finally seeing this and he switched to a run only game. Once we switched to the run only game we made some progress down the field, and were able to pull out a win. This will only happen against a team with a weak run defense. We need a more balanced attack if we are to win our last two games. Next we we are up against Stanford. Stanford just blew out Oregon and USC who were the top teams in the PAC-10. It now looks like Stanford is the favorite in the “Big Game”. Cal has won 7 of the last 8 matches, but will have their hands full this coming weekend. I still keep wanting to see our backup quarterback in action. Maybe Tedford will give him a shot at Stanford if Riley cant throw the ball where he is supposed to.

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