Today I came across a great article about Tesla describing how the stock will likely keep going up and in fact doubling over the next 18 months or so. Great to hear since I put some of my gains from the earlier run up back into TSLA after it fell a week ago. (I put the rest of the gains into several solar stocks as mentioned in an earlier post).


I also ran across a video review of the car that was very well done. Two reviewers, one raved and one raved with one exception that it did not corner well enough for his liking. He did not mention it, but the car he compared it to was twice the price, and he said that the Model S exceeded that vehicle in every category except the seat build and cornering.

by the way, open the video in youtube so that you can see it full screen and in high definition. The pictures are just stunning. It looks like they were driving the car from the Fremont factory along highway 101 and finally near San Luis Obispo.

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