Thanks Prius

Just wanted to say thanks Prius for all the faithful miles it gave me. I bought it salvaged and saved a lot of money doing so and it gave me over 250,000 miles of trouble free driving. Just add gas and change the oil and zero additional maintenance. Replaced the 12v battery once since 2006 when I got the car. The engine and the battery have been showing signs of wear recently and today I got the check engine light on my way to Los Banos. Stopped at a service station to have them check with a code reader and it came back as the battery pack. I was expecting to see this since the car was showing signs of a weak battery for the last six months. So today I made my last trip in the car and I’ll have to retire her. I’m not sure if I should donate it to someone or just sent to the recycler but I’ll take a few days to figure that out.

Here is a shot of the code reader and as the car sits in my driveway after returning home.



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