SpaceX did the impossible

When SpaceX first announced that they were going to return the first stage booster to earth and it would be re-useable, and that would drastically reduce the cost of sending cargo to space, all the “experts” said it was impossible. They showed last year with testing on the “grasshopper” in Texas that it could be done at least in a small scale up and down. They made two attempts to land on a small barge earlier in the year, with the first attempt failing from running out of fuel a second before landing and the second due to a faulty valve on a thruster. This third attempt had to wait a long time due to the incident in the summer, but it was certainly exciting to watch live as they launched and then returned the booster back to the cape. What an amazing feat to bring this thing back from space and land perfectly back on target.

You can’t help but feel the excitement when you watch this section of the video…. Final Minute before Booster Touchdown

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