Lance vs Lieto

Lance Armstrong is in Hawaii training for Tour de France, and one my favorite triathlete’s Chris Lieto was there also. They decided to to a 14 mile time trial bike race for fun and invited anybody who was there to join in the race. Lance won by 15 seconds. 18:35 to 18:50. People who were there said it was fun to race with Lance. Wish I was there training so I could have raced him. Not sure it would have been much of a race, but it would be fun to meet them both.

Chris has been in the top 10 every year for the Ironman World Championship, and Lance says that he wants to try and race it in 2011 or 2012 when he is done with the TdF. It depends on whether he wins this year or not.

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  1. Sean Mahoney says:

    We were able to see Lance biking up Saddle Road when Virginia was visiting. He was whipping it up the mountain.

  2. Sean Mahoney says:

    I was actually by myself heading to Kona for work. Virginia and Brandon were home. I was stopped stopped for the road construction going on. Lance and his riding buddy were flying up the hill with their support vehicle following. We heard rumors he was on the island and then realized that they were not rumors but actually true. I yelled “Go! GO! GO!” and he yelled back “Yo!” He is amazing.

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