Forest House Lodge

Maggie and I went up to visit Forest House Lodge to scout out the place for a wedding venue. We’d been there before but this time we were taking both our parents to visit. It was not the greatist day for weather. It was raining but even so the wedding site was beautiful and the lodge was as nice as we remembered. In the end we put down a downpayment for our wedding there and chose October 14, 2011 as our wedding date.

The lodge is great and we get to stay there for two nights. There are lounges and game rooms and a huge bar. Something for everyone to keep entertained for a 48 hour wedding. It should be a weekend to remember even for those only in attendance. Obviously I’ll remember that day.

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  1. Sean Mahoney says:

    We’re so happy for both of you. Wendee, Shyla, and I will be there next year. I’m really excited to be going on our first family trip.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sean, good to hear from you. It should be a fun wedding. Sounds like there will be many cousins and aunts/uncles in attendance. I’m very excited to see everyone again.

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