Elon is getting big. 

Instead of preschool this summer we have unrolled him in swim classes as well as a class called sportball. Sportball is a class where you learn the basics of a lot of sports. Balance ball handling running.   Baseball basketball soccer volleyball and tennis are some of the sports listed.   It should be good for him to be exposed to all the sports as well as learn something basic skills.   Swimming will be good as well.  It’s nice to have so many options with the city sports programs.  He’ll eventually be able to learn skateboarding and surfing.  They also have art theater and TV/filmmaking.   The kids won’t run out of options.
Today we attended the orientation for enrolling Elon in kindergarten.  He’ll start in September but he’ll go to prekindergarten for a year and then kindergarten because he was born after September 1st.

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