Plug-In Prius

Well, I finally decided to do it. After opening a business to convert cars and starting the design of my Plug-In Pruis kit, and then stopping because of the CARB law to restrict conversions, I decided to finish the design and convert my own car. This first generation kit will consist of a computer display screen and a computer from an outfit in Canada. I’m using this computer to set a baseline for the second generation system that I am designing that will use an iPod touch as the computer and the user interface. I will develop the appication for the iPod/iPhone and connect it to some hardware I am designing to use bluetooth connections to the rest of the system. The system is pretty simple, it uses a large battery pack to supplement the factory pack. The factory pack has only enough energy to run the car on electricity about 1 mile. My new suplement pack will have the capacity to drive the car 30 miles. By installing a larger pack the vehicle will always have a supply of energy available and it wont be constantly in need of a charge from the gasoline motor. This increases the mileage substantially until the suplemental pack is out of energy. Once this pack is out of energy the car will revert back to “factory” hybrid mode. For example the car gets about 50mpg in “factory” mode, and with the change I should get about 100mpg for the first 30-50 miles. If I only drive at speeds below 40 mpg it is possible to run the car for 30 miles without any gasoline. The amount of savings and the depletion rate of the pack will depend on driving speeds. I’ll have to collect some data to know for sure how it should be explained, but in any event it should provide significant savings. More than the savings, it will be a fun project. I’ll keep posting here updates to this project. The parts have been ordered, and are on the way. Worst case scenereo is I dont like it and I just put all the components into the Eletric Porsche. The batteries and the charger can be used there, and they are what is missing from my car right now. The lead acid bateries died about 1 year ago.

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