Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara has been one of the most dominant riders over the past few years of pro biking. He wins most of the shorter high intensity events due to his sheer power on the bike. He wins almost every time trial and prologue and many of the fast one day races. This past year he won two very difficult races on back to back weekends. Afterward some people were accusing him of cheating by putting a motor in his bike frame. This is such a ridiculous claim. The motors are noisy and require huge battery packs. This would be obvious to all the other riders in the race. On top of that he made a bike change between two of the demonstrated surges. Did they have more than one bike setup with motors? The accusations in pro bike racing are ridiculous now. At first everyone was getting accused of taking drugs and now they are getting accused of putting motors on their bikes. They show him pushing a button on the handlebar. Thats where the gear shifter is and he obviously changed gears before he made the surge.

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