Not much new

Not much new to report. I’ve been so busy with work I’ve barely seen Maggie in three weeks. That has not stopped her from having fun at Folsom lake and Napa with her friends. Glad to know she is having fun while I’m working.

I got Campbell’s Stockton running first and then went to Campbell’s Dixon for what should have been a fairly easy start and ended up taking a week longer than necessary. They are finally running, but I do have to go back for some fine tuning later in the week.

Today I made some visits with my other customers who felt neglected over the past couple of months.

Life should finally get back to normal. I’m taking Maggie to dinner on Thursday for her birthday and then Saturday we have another date at forest house lodge for some more food tasting. Then on Monday we are going to a Rush concert at the shoreline amphitheater.

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