Oso got arrested.  

We had to go to the police station to bail him out.   Smoke detector went off so we put him in the fenced off portion of the yard.  Apparently he broke out or jumped the fence.   When we went out to check on him he was gone.   Spent an hour searching before calling the city.  He was there.  We had to go pick him up but since he was not even out of the park where they picked him up they did not charge us.   But were on the “list” at this point.  

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La la Land day

Hermosa Beach out on a concert and celebrated the Pier for it’s role in the movie la la Land.  We went down to take a look.  Really not much.  They had some lights installed by the movie studio and some of the directors and other folks involved with the movie were there.   No stars as far as I know.  

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Last sportball was football. Elon’s pretty good at throwing but still working on catching and kicking.  

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Home again

So we checked into a hotel on Sunday and then got out today and moved back home.   We had to tent the house to get rid of termites.  What a pain moving out and packing the entire kitchen and bathroom.

Living at the beach was nice and the little hotel we stayed at was great but it’s better to be at home.  Especially when home is only 5 blocks away.

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Tesla Model 3



Found this post in my “drafts” folder.  Pretty cool video of our next car.

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Easter 2017

It was a crazy fast weekend.  The kids loved to see throw cousins and aunts and uncles.  

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Beach at sunset. 

Walked to the Pier to watch the sunset.  

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Top Gear on Faraday Future

Here is a nice little article in Top Gear Magazine about our car.





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Happy Easter.  

Today we colored eggs and Elon had a good time playing with his cousins.  

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Hanging out

Just hanging around the house.  

Violet is starting to get two teeth in her bottom gum.  Growing very fast.  

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Birthday party

We went to Maggie’s cousin Mike’s 50th birthday party.  Nice get together at their house.  

Elon had his last day of sportball.  Today was tennis drills.  He’s pretty good.  

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Sportball – basketball

Elon had his second to last session of sportball.  This week he played basketball.  I missed out on the action since I was sick in bed with the same stomach bug that had Elon down and out earlier in the week.  I did not even get out of bed on Saturday, and Sunday was not much better.  Elon is apparently pretty good at shooting hoops according to Maggie.  He’s pretty good at everything except kicking a ball from what I can see.  We just need to work on his kick timing.  He kicks great when he gets the timing right, but that is only about 30-35 percent of the time.   He’s also had more swim lessons and is apparently doing quite well at passing his assignments for swim safety.

Violet continues to gain balance.  She can stand up and hold on with only one hand while looking all around.  Very good balance skills.  A little way off from walking but very good for only 7 months old.  I’d bet shes walking before 9 months and Elon did not walk until 14 months.  She is trying to catch up to Elon in every way and is always wanting to watch whatever he is doing.

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