Sportball – basketball

Elon had his second to last session of sportball.  This week he played basketball.  I missed out on the action since I was sick in bed with the same stomach bug that had Elon down and out earlier in the week.  I did not even get out of bed on Saturday, and Sunday was not much better.  Elon is apparently pretty good at shooting hoops according to Maggie.  He’s pretty good at everything except kicking a ball from what I can see.  We just need to work on his kick timing.  He kicks great when he gets the timing right, but that is only about 30-35 percent of the time.   He’s also had more swim lessons and is apparently doing quite well at passing his assignments for swim safety.

Violet continues to gain balance.  She can stand up and hold on with only one hand while looking all around.  Very good balance skills.  A little way off from walking but very good for only 7 months old.  I’d bet shes walking before 9 months and Elon did not walk until 14 months.  She is trying to catch up to Elon in every way and is always wanting to watch whatever he is doing.

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Big weekend. 

Lots of action this past weekend.  Elon had sportball where he got some baseball lessons.  He’s a pretty good hitter.  Not much for base running.  Fred and Elvia were camping at dockweiler near LAX.  They came over on Friday evening.  We spent Saturday and Sunday at the beach with them and then Monday evening we went to dinner to celebrate Elvia’s birthday.  

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Elon sporting the FF pride. 

We took a road trip after work to go get the motor home and move it closer to home.  Now it’s 1.5 miles from home instead of 1.5 hours.   Gonna be much nicer although we really liked the setup in Chino.  Carwash for motorhomes large clean spaces. The new place is a typical storage place. 
Happy pi day. 

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Foggy days

Left for work in the fog and returned home to the fog but it’s a nice sunny day in Gardena at work.   They say it’s unusual to have fog all day.  Usually just the morning.  This has been a few months full of “this is not normal weather around here.”
Violet seems to be teething and will use anything to rub her gums. This time she chooses the water bottle valve.

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Tesla Energy

Tesla has begun to roll-out the Energy side of their business.  They build battery packs and power generation.  They take in solar energy during the day and then use the battery pack to provide energy during the night so that you essentially run on solar all day and night by adding battery packs to the system.  Its been done on small scale for off-grid homes, but now the battery technology has improved enough that it is cost effective to do it on a large scale.  Exciting times at Tesla.

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This week’s lesson was around soccer.  A bit of fog rolled in today.  We missed the st Patty’s day parade because of his practice but it was a huge event in town today.  

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New room

Violet likes the new family room.  Lots of room to practice walking.  

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Elon had sportball today and most of the drills revolved around football.  He had a lot of fun kicking and throwing the ball 

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Elon’s new bed

We got rid of Elon’s bed during the move and he has been sleeping on the couch.  Today we finally got him a new bed.  He’s pretty excited to sleep in a twin bed.   

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Elon had a great time playing sportball in the park.  He learned some good skills while having fun.  

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Elon is getting big. 

Instead of preschool this summer we have unrolled him in swim classes as well as a class called sportball. Sportball is a class where you learn the basics of a lot of sports. Balance ball handling running.   Baseball basketball soccer volleyball and tennis are some of the sports listed.   It should be good for him to be exposed to all the sports as well as learn something basic skills.   Swimming will be good as well.  It’s nice to have so many options with the city sports programs.  He’ll eventually be able to learn skateboarding and surfing.  They also have art theater and TV/filmmaking.   The kids won’t run out of options.
Today we attended the orientation for enrolling Elon in kindergarten.  He’ll start in September but he’ll go to prekindergarten for a year and then kindergarten because he was born after September 1st.

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Crawl and stand

Working on the basics of transportation.  

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